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I did everything from http://www.redmine.org/wiki/redmine/RedmineUpgrade :

hosting_aleynikov@lithium:~/projects/redmine$ cd redmine-1.0.3
hosting_aleynikov@lithium:~/projects/redmine/redmine-1.0.3$ rake generate_session_store (in /var/www/home/hosting_aleynikov/projects/redmine/redmine-1.0.3) hosting_aleynikov@lithium:~/projects/redmine/redmine-1.0.3$ rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=production (in /var/www/home/hosting_aleynikov/projects/redmine/redmine-1.0.3) hosting_aleynikov@lithium:~/projects/redmine/redmine-1.0.3$ rake db:migrate:upgrade_plugin_migrations RAILS_ENV=production (in /var/www/home/hosting_aleynikov/projects/redmine/redmine-1.0.3) Cannot find old migration table - assuming nothing needs to be done hosting_aleynikov@lithium:~/projects/redmine/redmine-1.0.3$ rake db:migrate_plugins RAILS_ENV=production (in /var/www/home/hosting_aleynikov/projects/redmine/redmine-1.0.3)

Migrating engines... Migrating

acts_as_activity_provider... Migrating

acts_as_attachable... Migrating

acts_as_customizable... Migrating

acts_as_event... Migrating

acts_as_list... Migrating

acts_as_searchable... Migrating

acts_as_tree... Migrating

acts_as_versioned... Migrating

acts_as_watchable... Migrating

awesome_nested_set... Migrating

classic_pagination... Migrating

coderay-0.9.2... Migrating

google_analytics_plugin... Migrating

gravatar... Migrating

open_id_authentication... Migrating

prepend_engine_views... Migrating

rfpdf... Migrating


hosting_aleynikov@lithium:~/projects/redmine/redmine-1.0.3$ rake tmp:cache:clear(in /var/www/home/hosting_aleynikov/projects/redmine/redmine-1.0.3) hosting_aleynikov@lithium:~/projects/redmine/redmine-1.0.3$ rake tmp:sessions:clear (in /var/www/home/hosting_aleynikov/projects/redmine/redmine-1.0.3) hosting_aleynikov@lithium:~/projects/redmine/redmine-1.0.3$

ls app db extra lib public README.rdoc

test vendor config doc files log

Rakefile script tmp

.......but my version 1.0.1 don't want to upgrade to 1.0.3, because

  1. production.log updating in old folder (version 1.0.1)

  2. Information in Administration-Information show this: "Redmine 1.0.1.stable (MySQL)"

  3. attached files goes into old folder.

Please help to finish it.

Thank to all.

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I'd say that your web server is simply still using the old installation directory.

Either rename the old directory to redmine_backup_thedate (or something) and rename the new version to what your old install directory was before the rename.

Or change which directory your web server is using for redmine to the new directory instead.

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