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I do not want my app to switch to the "task bar" when the Home button is pressed. That's why I would like it to be closed upon Home press. I added this entry to the info.plist file but this does not change the behaviour:

application does not run in background

(and I checked the box...)

I rebuilt the whole app both in debug and release mode but no way. I heard of another key which should be added to the info.plist but I cannot add it through Xcode:


What is the right way to do that ?



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In fact, I have just checked: "application does not run in background" is the same as the key "UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend". "application does not run in the background" is just the human-readable form. – user255607 Nov 19 '10 at 16:09
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On iOS 4, multitasking is enabled in Xcode projects by default. This prevents the applicationWillTerminate method from being called. If you do not want to support multitasking, place UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend in your MyAppName-Info.plist file and check the checkbox. If you do want to support it, place any code in the applicationDidEnterBackground delegate method that you want to execute before the application enters an inactive state.

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What you're doing will indeed stop the application from running in the background, but you can't prevent it from going to the multitasking bar still. Sorry.

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Indeed, the execution stops and the app *fully" restarts when pressing the icon (from the task bar or from the desktop). Thank you for your clarification. – user255607 Nov 19 '10 at 16:06

You can manually close the application after home button is pressed. When home button is pressed applicationDidEnterBackground is called. In this delegate just write exit(0) and your application will be ended instantly.

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If you use this method, your app will be rejected. – Gajendra K Chauhan Apr 16 '14 at 6:49
No it will not be rejected if you gave user indication that its going to close the app. I have submitted the app to app store with this feature. – shahid610169 Feb 29 at 14:07

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