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I want EF to use a T-SQL table-value function to filter entities.

The function returns list of CompanyID so that EF can add a where statement like

...WHERE CompanyID IN (SELECT CompanyID FROM dbo.BySearchOptions({0},{1}))

So that later I can create an extension method like

IQueryable<Company> BySearchOptions(this IQueryable<Company, SearchOptions options)

and chain it with others like

var companies = Entities.Companies.

Is it possible?

EDIT: I know there is Entity SQL, so that Where() method can use ESQL strings and not predicates. Can Entity SQL be used to apply a t-sql function?

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The EF supports mapping SQL functions, but not (in EF 4) functions which return table values.

One alternative is to use ObjectContext.ExecuteStoreQuery and pass T-SQL.

But you wouldn't be able to further compose the query, as you ask.

A possible workaround is to put the SQL query in a DB server view.

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You could filter by the function, by placing the select statement in a stored procedure and then calling the stored procedure from EF.

Probably not the elegant solution you are looking for, but it would work.

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Thanks, but I want the filter to be chained with other where clauses used in joins, groups, etc. –  Evgenyt Nov 19 '10 at 16:34

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