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I have this ListBox (ComboBox) on GWT :

final ListBox category_2=new ListBox();
category_2.addItem("----------", "0");
category_2.addItem("1° Element", "1");
category_2.addItem("2° Element", "2");
category_2.addItem("----------", "0");
category_2.addItem("3° Element", "3");
category_2.addItem("4° Element", "4");
category_2.addItem("----------", "0");
category_2.addItem("5° Element", "5");
category_2.addItem("----------", "0");
category_2.addItem("6° Element", "6");
category_2.addItem("7° Element", "7");
category_2.addItem("8° Element", "8");

If i try to get the Index of the selected idem with

it returns to me the index of the category_2 (but it refeers to the array index, not the index setted by me).

Example : if i select 5° Element it doesnt return "5", but "7". How can I get the index setted by myself? Cheers

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Hir markzz,

You would need to do something like:

int index = category_2.getSelectedIndex();
String myValue = category_2.getValue(index);

You should really take a look to the documentation

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Yes, this will works. But what i need is get the index, not the value. I don't see the getIndex(index) function :) –  markzzz Nov 19 '10 at 17:30
the addItem sets a description and a value. The index is set by the order you add the elements. getSelectedIndex returns you the index of the selected element. getValue returns the value of the specified index. I think that's the 'index'you want ;) –  Carlos Tasada Nov 20 '10 at 7:40
ohh...i confused "value" with "index". Yes now it works! thanks –  markzzz Nov 20 '10 at 13:39

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