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I would like to know if there's a way to customize JSLint in my XML configuration. For example:

  • I don't want TABS AT ALL!! (<indent> option do not distinguishes between a 4 spaces tab)
  • Only comments should have XX characters.
  • Not using Hungarian notation.
  • Use a custom indentation (sometimes X, and sometimes X+1)
  • One true brace style (is this the <immed>>true</immed> option??)


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It's a two (or three) step process:

  1. Fork JSLint
  2. Update it to do what you want
  3. (Optional) Publish your changes on Github for others to pull.

Now how to accomplish step #2? That will depend -- you reference an XML file, which is, I assume, your deployment file (possibly for ANT?). There are some changes you can make to JSLints options -- if they don't do it for you, then try making some modifications, and ask questions if you get stuck. :-)

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