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I am using the popular jFlow content slider on the Wordpress site I am developing. I have managed to get the look I want using css, but I cannot get the bannercontent div that shows a post's text about the thumbnail image to hide the post's not currently active. Sounds confusing, but if you look at http://www.thurstonenergy.org/wordpress/ you'll see what I mean. Anyone else use this script and have similar issues?

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Sounds like you need to use overflow:hidden so that only one image at a time shows. Then you make the div around your images only the height/width of one image. Hope that makes sense.

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Try assigning a z-index to the elements. Worked for me in Firebug:

.jFlow {

.bannercontent {

Hopefully that does the trick for you. As I mentioned, I tested it quickly and it appeared to do the trick.

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I appreciate your help John, thank you. I tried adding z-indexes, but they were already positioned correctly at the top before I added them. The trouble is the .bannercontent... I keep seeing other slide info to the right, as the active one scrolls in. They are only supposed to show one at a time. –  drew Nov 22 '10 at 18:45
firebug wasn't showing a z-index for those elements, oddly. and when I added them it fixed the problem. bizarre. good luck! –  John Nov 29 '10 at 7:08

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