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I have enjoyed the power of NDepend ( ) when writing C#, but in my C++ projects I have not found a comparable tool.

I use Visual Studio 2005, which has a class-view that covers some bases, but it is not powerful enough and doesn't work across project boundaries. I use Visual Assist X, which has some powerful refactoring tools, but it doesn't provide any sort of introspection facilities for code analysis. I understand that Visual Studio macros may be able to access the code tree, so perhaps a tool could be constructed from them, but this is really not something that sounds like what I want.

Any good tools that come close to NDepend for native C++ code?

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That would be cppdepend from the same company. I'm currently evaluating it and very impressed with its parsing of a million lines of legacy c++.

I missed it for months when I was looking for metrics tools and it was a comment on StackOverflow that helped. They have one small link from the ndepend home page.

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Goosey, a C++ unmanaged version of NDepend is under development. We hope to have an alpha by march 2009.

For those interest in trying this alpha, feel free to contact Issam Lahlali issamvb at gmailNOSPAM dot com, the product manager of the future CppDepend.

The first RTM version should come with most features NDepend already have.

Btw, a Java version is also under development see: XDepend.

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You could take a look at the Bauhaus tool we sell.

It provides dependency analysis, architecture visualization, architecture rule checking and other analyses for C/C++ on a variety of platforms.

More info at:

Regards, Mark

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