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Trying to use a 16-column 960 grid framework for the first time, and my early love of it (wow, this is so organized!) had turned to dread as I can't figure out how to make it play nice with a simple background.

I designed the entire thing to fit within the 940px of the columns, not really thinking about the gutters on either side. It was easier for me to conceptualize things like the header just being within the 940, so that each element could be given a grid_xx value.

All was still okay when I was using 940px images as div backgrounds (I'm only allowed one link, but you can see it in action at the 1110/index.html of the below address).

But when I went to add a color background, the margins shift 10px over and it breaks the grid:


What I'm hoping to achieve:

1) A 940px centered background with a height that adjusts to content 2) Content that doesn't adjust its margin to that background, but lines up to the grid as usual (I'm not planning on having content in grid_1 or grid_16, so gutters aren't terribly important.

I realize I could start giving everything alpha and omega classes, but that seems a bit tedious and doesn't seem like how the 960 system is actually supposed to work.

Can anyone with 960 experience offer suggestions on how I should proceed?

Many thanks!

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