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I have been looking for a python module that implements the common techniques of global optimization (finding the global minimum of a function in N dimensions) without success.

If you heard about a simulated annealing or genetic algorithm implementation in python, please share.

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Scipy's optimize module has an anneal function that might fit your needs. Also, you should check out the PyEvolve module for doing a genetic algorithm.

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anneal is deprecated in scipy: docs.scipy.org/doc/scipy/reference/generated/… –  denfromufa Jan 26 at 17:57
use basinhopping instead –  denfromufa Jan 26 at 17:58

One of the most common is scipy.optimize.

For genetic algorithms, there's pygene.

Also, the aima-python project has implementations of algorithms described in Russell and Norvig's "Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach".

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