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I'm trying to run (in a try block, with no catch but a finally)

HttpContext.Current.Server.Execute(child1, tw, true);

where the child page tries to run one of the following:

handler.ProcessRequest(context); //context has had items added to update querystring

Can I expect control to ever return to my original page? I suppose I might - Once the code reaches (for example) Server.Transfer, I find myself back on my original parent page in my finally block (but any code after my Server.Execute has been skipped).

As a note, the first child page works fine if I simply redirect to it, but then I have to pass cookies to cross a login barrier (that I'm trying to circumvent with Server.Execute).

What is the expected behavior of these nested executes and transfers and redirects?

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Answering my own question:

Yes. Execute will eventually take control back once the child requests finish processing - the case of the Server.Transfer will transfer the child request but not the parent.

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