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I am looking for hosted issue tracker, which is (preferably) is not bloated with functions and has simple interface and has JSONP api (so I could display list of issues on a project page without involving server-side code). Other nice to have features include email notifications and (would be just super cool) email control (comments to issues by replying to notification email, for example).

Don't need much more than that. I would like to use it for my open source projects, so free is preferred, but probably I could shelve out some money if it's what I'd like to have.

I've looked around and see nothing meeting my requirements. Google Code Issues has API, but it's XML. Github has JSONP API, but it's clearly very much centered around code and not issues.

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I use for issue tracking in my projects. Very lightweight though tags & other features make it very extensible. JSON api documented here:

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Ehm... probably I'm missing something, but it's not possible to make a project public, isn't it? – Alexander Solovyov Nov 20 '10 at 9:38
No I don't think so. Maybe email the developer and make that a suggestion. – Scott Chamberlin Jun 10 '11 at 23:40

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