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I am new to shell scripting and programming. I am looking for a guide on how I can parse specific information from a plain text file with thousands of lines. Specifically I need to parse an email address from each line. The line looks something like this:

"1272574001.H742765P10724.host.domain.com,S=4155:Return-path: `<email@email.com>`

I would like to extract the email address (excluding the < and >) and then perform an update statement via mysql with the email address as a value.

Is there an example of this somewhere that I could use to base my needs off of?

What scripting tool would I use, how do I tell that tool to grab all contents BETWEEN the < and >?

How do I then (within one script) use this value to update a DB record?

p.s. I am essentially trying to unsubscribe these email addresses from a contact database..

The SQL statement that needs to be run is:

UPDATE contact_master SET subscribed='No' WHERE email=<value>
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What do you mean excluding the $ and $? What $ and $? – Sinan Ünür Nov 19 '10 at 19:06
@Sinan: It's double the money. – Axeman Nov 19 '10 at 22:36
I think he means the angle brackets around the email address. I guess he couldn't figure out how to escape them using Markdown. – Dennis Williamson Nov 20 '10 at 7:49

You seem to be looking for regular expressions. I suggest reading the perlre manpage (available online here), then doing something like:

($addr) = /Return-path: `<([^>]+)>`/;
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sed -n '`s/<\([^>]\+\)>`$/\1/' inputfile | while read -r address
    echo "UPDATE contact_master SET subscribed='No' WHERE email='$address'"
done | mysql databasename
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