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i want to Rails.cache a flickraw response (this is applicable to other un-dumpable structures as well) with memcached as follows:

@flickr = Rails.cache.fetch('flickr_sets', :expires_in => 1) { flickr.photos.getRecent }

the obvious error is

TypeError: singleton can't be dumped

i read a good post on that problem by zilkey, who suggests building a new dump method for that case.


my questions are: what would be the right approach to cache that kind of objects? should i write my own dump method? wouldn't it be possible to save the object in the cache with flickr.photos.getRecent.to_s as a String and then somehow reload it? any ideas?

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i asked your question on the github tracker, since i am also very interested in achieving this. ( see https://github.com/hanklords/flickraw/issues#issue/16 )

hanklords seems to have fixed this in a current commit! great thing, i am trying to implement this in a current app of mine. can you maybe also test it, z3cko? https://github.com/hanklords/flickraw/commit/d09db4c5549e72b42eefbf1ea5c98f95bd1bd3d9

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awesome! seems to work now! i just have a small issue on the rails console when trying to dump flickr.collections.getTree -- but in general it seems to work! yay! –  z3cko Nov 22 '10 at 20:40

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