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I read that you can resize (and transform in general) a wrapped swing component which can be obtained with SwingComponent.wrap(myComponent). I fail to see how. I see that the returned type does inherit Resizable, but how do I set min/maxHeight, h/vfill and other properties?

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This is not the best solution but it works. Below is sample code:

// Define the swing component, wrapper, and the scene.
var jPanel = new JPanel();
var swingWrapper = new SwingComponent.wrap(jPanel);
var scene = Scene{
     width: 700
     height: 500
     content: [

// Below are some triggers that fire off whenever the width or 
// height of the scene change.
var currentWidth = bind scene.width on replace{
    jPanel.setPreferredSize(new Dimension(scene.width, 
    swingWrapper.width = scene.width;

var currentHeight = bind scene.height on replace{
    jPanel.setPreferredSize(new Dimension(scene.width, 
    swingWrapper.height = scene.height;

Stage {
    title: "Some App"
    scene: scene

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Below is an example of how you could set the properties you require:

def swingComponent : SwingComponent = SwingComponent.wrap(new JPanel());

 function setSwingComponentLayoutInfo():Void{
     swingComponent.layoutInfo = LayoutInfo{
         height: 200
         width: 200
         maxHeight: 400
         maxWidth: 400
         // ... other properties.


Hope that helps.

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