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I tried to add a tooltip for this <a href="#">$0.05</a> tag which is append through jQuery. Here is the full code:

$("#btnadd").click(function() {
             // Made it a local variable by using "var"
            var addkey = document.getElementById("txtaddkey").value;
                $('<li><span>'+addkey+'</span><span class=\"amountin\"><a href=\"#\">$0.05</a> $ <input type=\"text\" maxlength=\"5\"/></span><span class=\'close ui-icon \'></span></li>')
                    .find('.close').click(function (){

I tried with the code below but it is not working:

$("#keyword").delegate(".amountin a").tooltip({ 
            bodyHandler: function() { 
                return $($(this).attr("href")).html(); 
            showURL: false 

Please help me to fix this issue

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Re-read your question - pretending you have no idea what you're trying to achieve - and decide if you think it's clear... –  Basic Nov 19 '10 at 20:32
question updated –  Elankeeran Nov 19 '10 at 20:42

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The way you are trying to use .delegate is definitely not correct. You should call .tooltip in the click handler instead:

.find('.amountin a').tooltip({
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