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We are wanting to modify our app and create a way to allow mobile users to shop at our store. I know apple get's 30% of the revenue from the App sales itself, but do they get 30% of the sales made through our app? If so, Would we be better off making an ecommerce website designed for mobile users and then making a link to that page from our app? If we do that, would Apple still get a portion of our revenue? Thanks for the help.

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Yep, same 70/30 finding a link now...


Now this is just using apple's in-app APIs. If you just have people buy stuff through your store from the app but bypassing Apple they get no cut.


Actually here is a better answer: http://www.iphonedevsdk.com/forum/business-legal-app-store/60030-will-apple-take-commission-app-sells-goods-within-app.html

Yeah, they're not keen on you selling things out with their store because yes, they do want your 30%. I think newspapers and magazines are currently battling with them over some sort of subscription that works similar to this but for now you're unlikely to get this through the net.


Amazon and a few others get around this by having a buy button that launches their website in Mobile Safari, where you can sell items without any Apple involvement.

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That's what I was wondering about. I know a lot of ecommerce sites have their own apps (i.e. amazon and ebay) but I didn't know if they were actual apps for shoping, or if they simply launched the browser. Thanks for the links. –  Brian Nov 19 '10 at 20:58

As far as I know, Apple takes 30% of the price of the app in the store, not the revenue generated through it. How could they keep track of this revenue?

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