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I've been using ant for nearly a decade, but every so often I need to do something beyond my-ordinary experience. This one lacked an obvious answer (and the intuitive approaches led to dead ends)


Copy several subdirectories (and their contents) in directory "example" to new directory "myInstance". To clarify, copy some, but not all subdirectories in the source directory.

Source directory:


Attempt: Dead End This attempt at first appeared to work. It created the subdirectories lib, etc,webapps. However 'copy' did not copy their contents; i was left with empty subdirectories.

<copy todir="myInstance" >
  <dirset dir="example" includes="lib etc webapps"/>      

Successful But Verbose In the end, I had to copy each directory individually, which seem verbose and non-DRY:

   <copy todir="myInstance/etc">
     <fileset dir="example/etc"/>
   <copy todir="myInstance/lib">
     <fileset dir="example/lib" />
   <copy todir="myInstance/webapps">
     <fileset dir="example/webapps" />

thanks in advance

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You can specify multiple inclusion and exclusion rules in a fileset. If you don't specify an inclusion rule, the default is everything is included, except anything that is excluded at least once by an exclude rule.

Here's an inclusive example:

<property name="src.dir" value="example" />
<property name="dest.dir" value="myInstance" />

<copy todir="${dest.dir}">
    <fileset dir="${src.dir}">
        <include name="lib/**" />
        <include name="etc/**" />
        <include name="webapps/**" />

Note the ** wildcard that will bring in the full directory tree under each of the three 'leading-edge' sub-directories specified. Alternatively, if you want to specifically exclude a few directories, but copy over all others, you might omit inclusion (and thereby get the default all-inclusive behaviour) and supply a list of exclusions:

<copy todir="${dest.dir}">
    <fileset dir="${src.dir}">
        <exclude name="ignoreThisDir*/" />
        <exclude name="ignoreThisOne*/" />

You could further boil the particular example you gave down to one exclusion pattern:

<exclude name="ignore*/" />
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I would instead use includes to list what you want to copy. –  JasonMArcher Nov 21 '10 at 6:33

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