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In my VS2010 WebSite Project, when I look at the references in the project properties, I see 3 types

  1. GAC
  2. Binary
  3. Project

But in my WinForm app's project references table I don't see column referring to reference "type." Instead, I see a "Copy Local" column header. Yet, when I set references from w/in my WinForm app, I can select a Project or a binary reference.

Why doesn't the WinForm property reference table display a Type column as does my WebSite properties References grid?

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VS isn't good at displaying the reference type in the gui, you cannot trust what is shows. The approach I'm using to be 100% sure is:

  1. Open the project file with notepad and check if the reference is a <Reference> or <ProjectReference>.
  2. Check if there's a matching directory in c:\windows\assembly\GAC*\*
  3. Copy local (named <Private> in the project file) doesn't have anything to do with the reference type, it's for forcing the referenced assembly/project to be copied even if it isn't used by your code.
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Not 100% sure why, but you can find out if you open up the object browser. That will tell you what type of reference it is (file, project, GAC).

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