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I'm saving a PDF document with FPDF using the following code...


...but it saves it as 'doc.pdf.html'

Why is it adding the html extension?

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I've narrowed the problem down. It only happens in Safari and Chrome. Firefox works perfectly. –  Chad Nov 20 '10 at 15:29

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The problem for this in my case, was that I was not terminating the script right after I echo'd out the PDF. I was using a framework and letting it finish out which was causing the problem. So just add an "exit" statement and it should fix it.

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It does not add a '.html' extension:

source code:

case 'D':
    //Download file
        $this->Error('Some data has already been output, can\'t send PDF file');
    header('Content-Type: application/x-download');
        $this->Error('Some data has already been output, can\'t send PDF file');
    header('Content-Length: '.strlen($this->buffer));
    header('Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="'.$name.'"');
    header('Cache-Control: private, max-age=0, must-revalidate');
    header('Pragma: public');
    echo $this->buffer;

so the problem must be somewhere else.

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I know that the $name it is putting in does in fact end with .pdf and not .html. –  Chad Nov 20 '10 at 15:10

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