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I have the following code :

foreach( ... ) 
  $m = new Memcache;
  $m->connect('', 11211);
  $key = ... // calculate key
  $data = $m->get($key);
  if($data) return $data;
  $data = ... // else fetch data from sql
  $m->set($key, $data, 3600);
  return $data;

The loop goes approximately 100 times. And the $m->get($key) statement seems always to be missing to get the data from memcache.

Any ideas? Thanks.

btw: I was using persistent connections to the memcache servers. Don't know if it's relavent. I actually tried to move the new Memcache and connect() part outside, but I got the same problem.

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Several things:

  • You are doing return in a foreach - thus, you are not looping at all,
  • Obviously, check that $key is the same - try setting it to the same value always just for test,
  • You say you fetch your $data from sql, but if you are doing any manipulations, check if($data) is testing for something (i.e. that $data is defined and not false),
  • Per http://www.php.net/manual/en/memcache.set.php, you should use set like this:

    $m->set($key, $data, 0, 3600);

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Your foreach loop is useless, since you use 'return' which exits the function and breaks the loop.

btw: do not call 'new Memcache' and 'connect()' more than once.

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