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I need a flood fill algorithm to fill existing raster shapes with various colors and fill patterns. From what I know, the QuickFill algorithm is the best way to do a flood fill. I've found a number of implementations, but they are all in C++ and use Windows SDK functions. The problem is that I need a .NET implementation.

If worse comes to worse I can write a new implementation, but I would rather use an existing implementation (that hopefully doesn't have bugs). Is anyone aware of an existing flood fill implementation in C#/VB.NET?

Thanks, Erick

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Are you talking about the System.Drawing.Graphics .NET class? –  BeemerGuy Nov 20 '10 at 1:39
Beemer, I would like to use types in the Graphics class, but I didn't find any flood fill types, unless you have an existing graphics path. I am dealing with raster images, so no luck there. –  Erick T Dec 1 '10 at 0:28

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I like a lot to work with the Aforge Library that has two good FlodFill implementations, but both are 4 directional only.

If you need other implementations there exist two code project articles Flood Fill Algorithms in C# and GDI+ and Queue-Linear Flood Fill: A Fast Flood Fill Algorithm.

And if you like to dig in the code and learn, there is the Paint .Net project that has an excelent flood fill implementation.

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I had a same question a long time ago and I found this

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