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I can create relations/foreign keys in phpmyadmin/mysql. My question is...is it necessary? Is it mainly just for my flow-chart / organization / notes..or does it actually help the database in performance?

Also, when I export the database to an sql file, I don't see mention of the relations anywhere...how would mysql recover them if I reloaded the database from this file?


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Please see Wiki: RDBMS -- they are called a Relational Databases for a reason. –  user166390 Nov 20 '10 at 5:19

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Relations between tables aren't for performance -- they're for minimizing duplicated data, and implementing business rules.

mysqldump files include the relationships - they're called foreign keys, and are identified by the FOREIGN keyword.

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i'm use ERwin or Nevron diagram for make some relations in DB.

by using it, we can analize some relation. so we can prevent any mistake in each relation.

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