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I have a Perl library and want to use SOAP to do the following:

  • Expose a list of all functions in the library, including the signature of each function and the perldoc (human-readable description of the function and its parameters).

  • Allow people to call a given function and receive an answer in a SOAP-standard way.

I could try doing this by hand, but what tools will convert a Perl library to a SOAP server "automatically"?

In particular, I don't want to write the WSDL and stuff like that by hand.

My goal here: provide a minimal "zero cosmetics" interface to my functions, and let other people create HTTP form/Javascript/etc interfaces to my functions.

More detail added later:

To break it down a bit, I need these things:

% Something to convert my Perl functions' signatures to a WSDL file. Ultimately, I want the WSDL URL to be the only thing people need to access my SOAP service.

% Something that converts an incoming SOAP request to a function call.

% Something that converts the results of a function call to the SOAP-like XML the client expects.

This can't be that difficult, can it?

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If your library uses Moose, try WSDL::Compile.

You can convert arbitrary structures with WSDL::Generator::Schema and WSDL::Generator.

You can generate Perl interface classes from the WSDL above with SOAP::WSDL.

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OK, I don't know what Moose is. This is a simple Perl library, something like github.com/barrycarter/bcapps/blob/master/bclib.pl although that's not a great example since many functions only work locally. But the general idea is that I have simple Perl functions in a library. Basically, is there a server/software that does the whole thing for me w/o my having to code the SOAP wrapper on the existing library? –  barrycarter Nov 20 '10 at 5:27
@barrycarter, I don't think it's worth exposing a web service for those functions. Every one of them is far better handled by more robust modules, many of which are in the Perl core. And you sure as hell don't want random HTTP clients calling your dodie sub. –  friedo Nov 20 '10 at 5:34
@friedo Apologies. That was just a library I happened to have online. The "real" library I want to convert (not online yet) will be much more complex, access external data sources, etc. Think of this as a sample library: if I can do it with library (for, say, just max and min), then I can do it w/ the library I actually want to convert. To say it even more directly: I like writing functions. I dislike writing interfaces. Help me, Obi-wan! –  barrycarter Nov 20 '10 at 5:36
The real library has a limited set of functions written carefully with the foreknowledge that the parameters are coming from an untrusted source. Once the parameters reach the functions, it's the functions' responsibility to keep things safe. However, if the SOAP wrapper gets a parameter like `rm -rf /`, it shouldn't execute that code, just send it as a parameter to the correct function. –  barrycarter Nov 20 '10 at 5:43

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