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If i want to set an image for background of my app and use it on iphone3 i should use image with 320 * 480 resolution (image1.png)and for iphone 4 i should use image with 640 * 960 resolution(image2.png) how can i mange them?(means when should i use first image and when second image)

i read somewhere that i should use @2X but i can't understand how

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Just use the name of the original image and then append @2x to the end of the 640*960 picture.

If your original is Image.jpg then your high-res picture should be Image@2x.jpg

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Load two resources into your project image.png (320x480) and image@2x.png (640x960). Whenever you need to specify an image just use image.png. During execution the application will automatically use the @2x image if the screen supports higher resolution. See Loading Images into your Application.

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