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Are there any plugins for NetBeans IDE (PHP) that implements these refactoring?:

  • Extract Method
  • Generate Method
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You might want to look at github.com/QafooLabs/php-refactoring-browser which lets you do extract method and some other things from the command line. It could probably used by a Netbeans (and other IDE) plugin. –  rjmunro Jan 6 at 10:16

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I asked this question on NetBeans forum. You can vote for this functionality to be implemented here: http://netbeans.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=183807

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After 4 years still no news about Refactoring (Extract Method, Generate Method , ...) for php in NetBeans ! :| –  Mehdi Maghrooni Mar 12 at 13:23
As of today (2014-04-28) still no Extract Method refactoring for Netbeans PHP IDE! –  user1580348 Apr 28 at 17:38

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