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I have 2 tables with a relation between them:

Users table: user_id,

Blogs table: user_id, blog_content,

Im working with a view that should show a users latest blog entry.. When I use

<%= @users.blogs.last %>

I get "#"

Can someone assist as to why its showing "#" and how to actually show the the last blog entry made by a @user?

Many thanks!!

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I found out, I needed to define what part of the hash I needed to show

<%= @users.blogs.last[:blog_content] %>

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+1 for answering your own question correctly and beating me to it! :) –  Alex Nov 20 '10 at 9:15

I'd have thought you want to do:

<%= @users.blogs.last.blog_content %>

What you've done will try and display the Blog object itself with the to_s method, which returns something that looks like the following:


Which on screen will just look like a hash.

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