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In C++, how would I swap two elements of a map?

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What do you mean by swap in a map? A normal plain vanila map doesn't have any particular order so speaking of swapping has no meaning in reference to order.

If you are looking for C++ map implementation that preserves order, in which case ordering becomes meaningful then look here

If however you are looking to swap the value associated with one key with the value associated with a second key then just do

  map<char,string> mymap;

  /*now let's swap*/
  string tmpString = mymap['a'];
  mymap['b']= tmpString
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Ah yes, I forgot that there isn't really an order associated with maps... thanks for pointing that out! – wrongusername Nov 20 '10 at 20:01

The provided answers are correct but are using operator[] twice for the same keys, which isn't free and could be avoided :

std::map<char, std::string> a;

Solution 1 :

std::string &item1 = a['a'];
std::string &item2 = a['b'];
std::swap(item1, item2);

Solution 2 :

const std::map<char, std::string>::iterator item1 = a.find('a');
const std::map<char, std::string>::iterator item2 = a.find('b');
if ((item1 != a.end()) && (item2 != a.end()))
    std::swap(item1->second, item2->second);

Of course, the two solutions aren't equivalent (solution 2 only swaps values which are already in the map, solution 1 inserts without questioning and might end up swapping two default constructed strings).

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Is solution 1 safe? I can't find anything in the STL docs to say that a reference to a value in a map won't get invalidated by an insertion, though it appears to be Ok in g++. – Pete Kirkham Nov 20 '10 at 10:53
@Pete I think it is, 23.1.2/8 "The insert members shall not affect the validity of iterators and references to the container" – icecrime Nov 20 '10 at 10:56

I think std::swap() is a good choice.

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Do you mean this?

const T tmp = map["a"];
map["a"] = map["b"];
map["b"] = tmp;
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