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im using jquery: and i made a nice chart. the only problem i got is this: when im over 300 pixels of the chart, i want the highlighter tooltiplocation go's to 'nw' if its smaller its 'ne'.

current options:

  highlighter: {
       tooltipLocation: 'ne',
       useAxesFormatters: true,

does anybody know how to change te location after its rendered?

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I think you have to save the return value of jQPlot function in a variable:

targetPlot = $.jqplot(...your diagram...)

and can then set different options this way and replot:

targetPlot['legend']['location'] = "ne";
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It is explained very well here: Google Groups

You can use:


and create new

$.jqplot('...your diagram options here...');

in the same target (your_jqplot_target).

Like Sandro L said, if you save the return value of jQPlot function in a variable:

targetPlot = $.jqplot('...your diagram...');

Then you can set new series or options to it and targetPlot.redraw(); or targetPlot.replot(); it later. Please read more on the page linked above.

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Sorry, I know it is an old question, but it was not complete for me... – Dichev Aug 18 '11 at 17:44

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