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I have an object being passed to a method from a flash object. I would like to be able to view all of the properties in this object a bit like you can do in c# with the 'add watch' feature in visual studio.

Is this possible with javascript and firefox/firebug?

I was thinking of doing a for loop and console.logging the results but what is the best way to iterate the object would I treat it as an array etc?

Any advice much appreciated. Pete

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for (var p in obj) {
    if (obj.hasOwnProperty(p)) {
        console.log(p + ': ' + obj.p);

Objects in JavaScript inherit through their prototype, and their prototype can also have a prototype. Using the hasOwnProperty method (inherited from Object) checks to see if the property exists on the object you're examining and not associated with its prototype.

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Techically, in JS an object is +- an associative array string->value, so....

for (var key in someObject) {
    // key is a string
    var value = someObject[key];
    // ...
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Usually you can just use the for (prop in obj) { } syntax.

for (var prop in obj) {

in jQuery there is the jQuery.each() method, which allows a callback on each entry:

jQuery.each(obj, function(index, prop) {
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