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I am attempting to create a custom web browser based on the WPF Web browser control. I have implemented the IWebBrowser2 com interface and implemented the handlers for Navigating(), NavigatedTo() and LoadCompleted() events. But these event callbacks are fired only once for the top level page. Now suppose a page has some java script , css and image files in it; the browser issues separate HTTP requests to download these files. We would like to capture the individual HTTP request events. For example, if the structure of the HTML page is

    <img src="img1.bmp"/>
    <imp src="img2.bmp"/>

I would like to capture the individual download times for img1.bmp and img2.bmp. Could someone please suggest a way to achieve this?

Meanwhile I found that downloadbegin() event of DWebBrowserEvents_Event is fired for these request for image etc, but I can't get the URL from which it is downloading, as the handler takes void as parameter.

So is there any way I can get the URL corresponding because there is event that is downloadComplete which is fired when download is complete. So by that I can accomplish that way.

But I have to solve the above image rendering time. I am stuck badly. Please help me....

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i dont have deep knowledge about this classes but i did a little reading. in mdsn they say about the downloadbegin() event: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc136556(v=vs.85).aspx

This event is fired shortly after the DWebBrowserEvents::BeforeNavigate event or the DWebBrowserEvents2::BeforeNavigate2 event, unless the navigation is canceled. Any animation or "busy" indication that the container must display should be connected to this event.

and when i checked the BeforeNavigate i saw that it has a url in its paramaters i found this (not msdn but its only logical that itll have a url) http://blog.yezhucn.com/progie/222647_beforenavigate.htm

void BeforeNavigate(
IDispatch *pDisp, VARIANT *&url, VARIANT *&Flags, VARIANT *&TargetFrameName, VARIANT *&PostData, VARIANT *&Headers, VARIANT_BOOL *&Cancel );

so if you will always have a BeforeNavigate event you can use its url and check the next download complete event thats connected to the DownloadBegin event. my guess is that for each download it makes a BeforeNavigate event but i wont know because i cant try (no code to check it on) but i hope itll help.

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BeforeNavigate is only called once, not once for each file downloaded for the page. –  Jessica Brown Aug 8 '13 at 2:56

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