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Looking for recommendations for selecting a setup for ALM (application lifecycle management) using both .net and java and using scrum.
Right now the best setup seems to be:

Looking for your experiences and alternatives (Atlassian?) for selecting a ALM and Scrum setup.

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You already seem to have the .Net thing under control - so here's a Java perspective.

We have used Jira forever, and since the introduction of Scrum we started using a plugin called Greenhopper that makes Jira more scrum friendly. It lets you create stories, bugs etc, arrange them on a virtual storyboard and if you go to the effort of keeping things up to date it will generate your burndown charts etc. We have one team with developers spread out over three different cities and the online storyboard works well for them.

EDIT: I should clarify that the teams that are all in one location tend to use postits and whiteboards more and Jira less - but there's an element of traceability that Jira brings which I like, so am always keen to push for someone to keep Jira up to date.

For continuous integration we use Hudson, which will monitor version control and performs builds using one of our two build scripting tools - Ant and Maven. There is a LOT of functionality offered by Maven and its various plugins, it can be made to work with different application servers, maintain a repository of your Java libraries etc.. far too much for one answer :).

Hudson can be made to plug in to Jira as well so that when a developer commits code it will look at the version control comments and if it sees something like a Jira issue number (eg PROJ-293) it will put your version control comment on the issue in Jira, as well as the status of the build that resulted - stable, unstable, broken etc. I know this works with Subversion which we use, I can't comment on more trendy version control software like Git, Mercury etc.

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