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I have predefined css selectors list in js array and an element. I need to find which selectors would apply on that element.

Here is my code: http://jsfiddle.net/mjALF/


<div id="main">
    <div class="a" id="d1">
        <div class="b"  id="d2">
            <div class="c"  id="d3">

    <div class="b"  id="d4"></div>
    <div class="c"  id="d5"></div>


var selectors = ['#main .a', '#main .a .b', '.a', '#main .c', '#main .a .b .c'];

// pseudo code

find_selectors($('#d4'), selectors);
result: null

find_selectors($('#d1'), selectors);
results: ['#main .a', '.a'];

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You can use $.grep() to get a filtered array with .is(), like this:

var elem = $("#d1");
var results = $.grep(selectors, function(s) { return elem.is(s); });

You can test it out here. Or, as a plugin!

$.fn.selectorMatch = function(sArray) {
    var elem = this;
    return $.grep(selectors, function(s) { return elem.is(s); });

Then you can call it like this:

var results = $("#d1").selectorMatch(selectors);

You can test the plugin version out here.

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