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I often used SWI-Prolog's feature of being able to do listing(predicate). to see how it implements some of its predicates. I want to see exactly what it does with succ/2 because I'm using it on SWI-Prolog but I need it running with Sicstus too which doesn't have it! I've seen what it does in the SWI manual, tried to implement it but I think it must do something extra to what I've tried. My problem is that the listing feature just gives

% Foreign: succ/2

Any ideas guys?

Thanks :).

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The predicate is builtin and written in C. Take a look here: swi-prolog.org/git/pl.git?a=history;f=src/pl-arith.c;hb=HEAD –  horsh Nov 20 '10 at 19:56

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The SWI version is probably implemented in C for better performance. Not being written in Prolog makes it foreign and probably considered a built-in.

Here's my stab at defining SWI's succ/2 in Prolog:

%%%% succ/2 to mimic the SWI Prolog built-in

succ(N0, N1) :-
    ( properly_grounded(N0) 
        ->  N1 is N0 + 1
        ; properly_grounded(N1)
        ->  N1 > 0, N0 is N1 - 1
        ; otherwise 
        -> Ctx=context(succ/2,''),

    (var(X) -> false
    ( X >= 0
        -> true
        ; otherwise 
    -> Ctx = context(succ/2,X),

If necessary, replace otherwise with true and false with fail. The code was developed in SWI, the context part of the exceptions may have to be adjusted for SICStus.

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Thanks Frayser :D. That's more than I expected, thank you. –  ale Nov 20 '10 at 20:41

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