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Is there an IDE which will allow me to develop for the .net Micro Framework on Linux?

Maybe MonoDevelop?

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From the Netduino forums:

Soon, we'll be launching an open source project to port the .NET Micro Framework SDK to Mono for use on Mac and Linux.

They have released the first alpha release of MFDeploy for Mono (Mac and Linux).

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Deleted my answer as this is a yes! + upvote for the great find! – deanvmc Nov 21 '10 at 20:02

Also, Netduino community member Brian Jepson has posted instructions on how to set up the Mono toolchain on Mac/Linux to compile .NET Micro Framework code.

Community members, with generous help from the Mono team, and also working on .NET MF support for the MonoDevelop IDE. Temporarily, you'll want to use a different C# editor.

All the Mono-related news is at the following link:


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