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I've tried using jScrollPane on a <div> container of a <ul> element that I want to apply custom scrolling to.

When applying the plugin directly on the <ul> element, it works great, but jScrollPane injects HTML elements between the <ul> and its <li> child elements. I understand that this is not valid html, so I wanted to wrap the <ul> with a container and apply the plugin on the container.

This does not work , I don't understand fully why or how to test it. I've searched for similar problems with jScrollPane but didn't find any.

Thanks for your time... Bar.

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@user , i have implemented jscroll panel two years back at the following link art.com/gallery/id--b1823/… , the parent container is div and inside you have all..UL block elements, let me know ifyou are tyring to achieve the same , we can fix the problem –  kobe Nov 20 '10 at 19:56

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There should be no problem using jScrollPane on a dev with a UL inside it. This example does exactly that:


If you are still having problems please provide a URL (ideally to a test page created in jsfiddle but a page on your site will also work).

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Thanks, this is working now. –  bartzy Nov 24 '10 at 15:20

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