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I have a very simple example thus far, I'm basically trying to rip the path to a logo from a website dynamically.

var sys     = require("sys"),
request = require("request"),
$  = require("jquery"),
uri     = 'http://www.stevelacey.net';

request({uri:uri}, function (error, response, context) {
  if (!error && response.statusCode == 200) {
    console.log($("#logo img", context).attr('src'))

This works fine until I expand on the selector:

console.log($("#logo img, #links a img", context).attr('src'))

Which then returns:

Object [ jsdom NodeList ]: contains 5 items has no method 'indexOf'

Obviously, because the selector matches more than one element; this happens as soon as you try to select this way, not even trying to use the results incorrectly i.e. setting attr on a NodeList. Either way, jQuery deals with this gracefully in the browser.

My question is is this a limitation of jsdom or is there a way around this?

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Seems to be a bug, digging around in the source and changing:

 var this_index = smallest_common_ancestor.childNodes.indexOf( this )
 var other_index = smallest_common_ancestor.childNodes.indexOf( otherNode )

on line 114 in jsdom/level3/core.js to:

 var this_index = smallest_common_ancestor._childArray.indexOf( this )
 var other_index = smallest_common_ancestor._childArray.indexOf( otherNode )

Successfully returns "images/header.png" (I suppose that was what you expected it to return).

this and otherNode are both objects. childNodes is also an object, so there's no indexOf, _childArray on the other side seems to contain the same stuff but as the name already suggest it's an array.

I'd suggest you to file a bug on this so they get it fixed:

(Note: there is a Pull request with a patch pending)

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I believe this has now been fixed. – Steve Apr 5 '11 at 17:55

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