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hi i have implemented UIPageControl on top of UIViewController , and i'm trying to implement at the vary left side of the page control a UISearchBar and UITableView

i spend so time on the internet looking for a solution . what i need to do ??

to put the UISearchBar on UIView or there is something else?

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btw i'm trying to implement a page Control with Search Bar as apple implemented in the main screen –  frenkelor Nov 20 '10 at 20:07

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Check out UISearchDisplayController and the related sample code. It won't work right out of the box. Especially if you want to have a black background rather than a table view when you start.

If UISearchDisplayController doesn't work you can do use a UISearchBar on a UIView and respond to the UISearchBarDelegate in your controller. By implementing searchBar:textDidChange: and showing a custom UITableView when text is entered and then hidden or removed when the search field is empty you can provide the desired functionality.

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