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this may be a easy question, but I really need a light to go on.

I have this huge PHP system in codeigniter, and I'm using the library Quick Auth, and I need let users log on only at one computer/browser at a given time. So if Jake logs on In PC1, then Jakes tries to log on in PC2, PC1 session get invalidated and closed.

I was trying to manually search in the ci_sessions database table to try to eliminate the other user session, but seems like too pain. I want to know if there's one simple solution, I have no problem extending session, but I need more like an advice.

Thanks in advance

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You will have to modify either the table indexes or session library code to limit one user to a single session. This can be done by:

  • Adding a unique index for the username (or ID) and the cookie/session ID
  • Modifying the library code to INSERT OR REPLACE based on the user/cookie
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