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I have just read through lots of articles about how to create thumbnail screenshots and haven't found anything reliable.

Is there an api I can simply enter the url of the website I want to take a screenshot of and have it returned as an image using PHP?

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how many thumbnails do you need to generate? do you care if you use an external service? are you willing to pay if nec? or do you need to have this capability running on your own servers? –  Scott Evernden Nov 21 '10 at 0:31

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Check out http://www.thumbalizr.com/apitools.php

Here's an example: http://api.thumbalizr.com/?url=http://www.google.com.au&width=250

It's very easy to use, and has a free plan for small use cases with other plans that should meet more advanced or demanding needs. Of course, there are hundreds of other services. But Thumbalizer is the most popular (according to Google) and is very easy to use.

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We've used thumbalizr before and it is not a good service to use if you can't deal with their downtime issues. We ended up abandoning them in favour of some other service I forget, following excessive downtime. I think we use these now: webthumb.bluga.net/home, but we still have issues with them, so if anyone has an better services I'm keen to see them :) –  d11wtq Nov 21 '10 at 1:40
Yeah, all services like this are pretty resource demanding, and most free services will not be very reliable. If resources permit, it's always better to roll your own. But for most use cases, that is too complicated and not worth it. This space could definitely use with some more robust and reliable tools. –  Michael Nov 21 '10 at 5:38
If you add to roll your own, what would you use to do it? I know about PhantomJS but that would require running something like NodeJS obthe server side (since we're building an API). Would be great to find something that we could use from Go. –  Eno Aug 22 '14 at 23:00

you can use http://www.screenshotmachine.com service. It has a simple HTTP GET based API. Here is the documentation page: http://www.screenshotmachine.com/apiguide.php

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You'd be surprised how many screenshot automation APIs there are out there: Here's a nice little article comparing five major providers: Screenshot API Comparison Site.

Major differences between the APIs are the cost-per-screenshot, rendering speed and image quality, and most of them return the screenshot directly via the request URL.

Plus, there's a PHP code example on the same site.

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You can use:


it has a free plan and it's really simple to use. I found it especially useful for responsive websites.

Alternatively, you might want to make your own server with something like:




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wget can get you where you want to be. if you can get to a terminal, websnapr.com is pretty easy to use. you'll want to register for a key, but they're pretty straightforward to use.

wget -O MYFILENAME.png http://images.websnapr.com/?url=MYURL&size=s&nocache=82&key=MYKEY
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Unfortunately PHP doesn't directly support taking screenshots of websites, so the easiest route would be to use one of the screenshot web services. I have used GrabzIt before for this, they are free and have a PHP API.

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