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I'm working on a solution to automating the UI of a Silverlight application which is set to run in windowless mode. Fortunately enableHtmlBridge is set to true and I've set up a simple WPF application which lets me execute javascript against the currently loaded page and I've been exploring that as an option. The following script works and is able to find the sample element I am looking for.

var plugin = document.getElementById('SilverlightHost');
if (plugin != null)
 var root = plugin.content.root; 

 var object = root.findName('SomeHighLevelUIElementName'); 

 if (object != null)
  alert(' found');

The issue I'm having is once I am able to get a reference to some higher level object on the tree, I haven't been able to determine how to poll for that element's children. On the API reference site I see methods to find specifically by name and retrieve an element's parent, but nothing about getting a list of children or otherwise contained objects.

Ultimately what I want to end up being able to do is crawl the tree and from there build and provide javascript a snapshot of the current visual tree so that I can extend the fairly limited search methods available out of the box. A signifigant number of the application's elements do not have unique names but do have unique automation ids so the ability to search by automation id, tag, and other attributes is essential to being able to get the desired element. At this point, the only thing I seem to be missing is a Children property. I don't want to add any elements, just inspect them.

Anyone know if I'm just missing something or possibly some un-documented feature in the API?

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Why do you want to do this in Javascript? – AnthonyWJones Nov 21 '10 at 14:00
Unfortunately the application is being run in windowless mode which prevents the elements from being visible to Microsoft's Automation API. I figured I would try JavaScript as the HTML bridge is enabled and I can inject and run JavaScript easily enough. I'm working in a separate department than the developers of the app so unfortunately my ability to do anything internal to the app is limited to suggestions only. – Mike Nov 30 '10 at 18:30

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