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I would like to animate a sequence of background images within a uicomponent but also dynamically add and remove components to this component.

My first question would be: 1.) What's the best way to animate a sequence of images using Flex 3? 2.) What's the best way to handle adding and removing components on top of the background dynamically?

Any help/information would greatly be appreciated!

Thank you!

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In the mxml for your ui component declare an mx:Image and give it an id. Set up a timer loop that changes the "source" attribute (id.source = ) on your mx:Image at an interval you like. To add and remove components dynamically just use addChild/removeChild or addElement/removeElement depending on the type of display object you're working with. The mx:Image should always be behind the dynamically added components as it was created and added before them.

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Thanks Greg for the help. Your answer was perfect! –  fortpointuiguy Nov 23 '10 at 17:16

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