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What is the strategy in smarty for using different variables each time a template is included in another template?

Here is what I mean. I have a smarty template that creates a simple navigation list.

    <ul class='linkList'>



      {foreach $links as $d}
        <li><a title='{$d...}' href='{$d....}'>{$d.text}</a></li>



I want to include it a number of times in my main template and each time pass it different values. Im not sure what strategy to use to do this.

If I assign variables in my php file like this

$smarty->assign('title','My first link list');

$smarty->assign('links',array(different values);
$smarty->assign('title','My second link list');

and then include the template twice i will just get the same list twice with the second lot of values.

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The {include} tag allows you to pass variables in the call:

{include 'linklist.tpl' title="Sample Links 1" links=$link_array1}
{include 'linklist.tpl' title="Sample Links 2" links=$link_array2}

Otherwise, I'm pretty sure you can use either {assign} or the short form of assign ({$var=value}) before including the template.

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