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I am using the ScintillaNET wrapper for the Scintilla control and want to implement folding for ASM so I looked up http://sphere.sourceforge.net/flik/docs/scintilla-folding.html for reference on how to do it. Since I have never worked with C++ before, I am having a lot of problems trying to understand it. When it says register the margin click event, where and how do I register it? Also, when it says set some properties to the lexer, where exactly and how do I set them?

I tried asking at the scintilla interest group but I didn't get any help from there. If someone has set up folding for their own lexer in scintilla, help on how do implement it would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Meanwhile there is a LexASM with folding included available: http://groups.google.com/group/scintilla-interest/browse_thread/thread/aa56b57bc71e43ac It's part of next version (2.25) of Scintilla/SciTE. dlchnr

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