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i searched but got pretty confused. i know photoshop is very usefull program for many things, but i intend to use it mostly for mockup design for sites and the use css/html on that design. im pretty new to photoshop(using cs5) so im going through begginers tutorials but found it difficult to find sources to learn how to do mockup sites. i did find alot of tutorials that show how to do a specific design and some also show how to make it into html/css yet im looking for more generals tutorial that starting from scratch. i also find all the layouts very graphic and artistic and would like to learn how to do a basic layout first. for example for basic graphical sites like facebook, i guess it is the right decision to do a a photoshop layout first, right? how do i start to learn the procedure itself? i think that if ill use any of the tutorials i may miss the point as though i intend to use photoshop to do a graphical site, i like the more clean look.

is there a websites layouts using photoshop book?

would we also use photoshop mockups for less graphical sites with little graphical menues? or only do the menu itself in photoshop? sites like facebook, yahoo and even stackoverflow.

how often would people relay only on their css/html skills and start a design in the browser directly? using photoshop just seem much easier for the big picture even if the site isnt the most graphic. thanks.

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you could try using photo.stackexchange.com - its stackexchange site about photos. –  IAdapter Jan 1 '11 at 9:48

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I know many people are using balsamiq - it is a propitiatory tool.

One benefit is that the UI is very sketch like, so the client/customer will immediately understand that this is a mockup and not a completed product.

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Most often I've seen programmers work with graphical artists so that the artist designs the website's graphical layout in Photoshop and the programmer turns the design into a CSS layout by using the image as a reference and cutting the graphical elements from it. This is usually the case when the graphical artist has zero knowledge of the technical side and doesn't know what kind of things the programmer needs so it's easier for the programmer to just work with the layout image.

If the graphical design and actual web implementation is done by the same person I don't see the point in passing the design through Photoshop. I would use Balsamiq Mockups Oded mentioned or just pencil and paper to design the rough layout, then make individual graphical elements with Photoshop and put them together with CSS. I would find tweaking the CSS much easier than working with the layout in Photoshop. (Disclaimer: I'm not a graphical designer.)

So the reason why there aren't tutorials about mockup design in Photoshop might be that there's no real reson to use Photoshop for it. You might have better luck finding tutorials on layout design in general--in any case if I studied web layout design I'd learn the main issue first before concentrating on details that follow, like mockup design.

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