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I want to auto-modify a function once it has executed itself (context is remote execution in a virtual runtime environment that shares a code-block which simulate stack of functions (because this stack is shared I want to reset everything each time for next command call) see http://askblogautomation.com/developers-guide/) like this for example ( for full context see http://askblogautomation.com/install-wordpress/):

set 'install-wordpress func[][do read http://askblogautomation.com/install-wordpress/]

I want to genericize the above lines with

execute 'install-wordpress

Where execute is as below

execute: func[lit-word-command [lit-word!]][
  do get lit-word-command
  block-command: []
  append block-command [do read]
  append block-command to-url rejoin [http://askblogautomation.com/ lit-word-command]
  set lit-word-command func[] block-command

But when I tried it, it gives error:

** Script Error: execute expected lit-word-command argument of type: lit-word

How to fix this ?

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Either change the invoking line:

 execute to-lit-word 'install-wordpress

Or change the function spec:

execute: func[lit-word-command [word!]][

But not both!

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Thanks, I'm too confused between word! and lit-word! :) –  Rebol Tutorial Nov 22 '10 at 18:56

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