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cancel plane ticket before 4 hours of departure time if dep time is 08:00:00 AM then Passengers can cancel ticket till 04:00:00 AM ??

I have two textboxes textbox1 and textbox2 in asp.net(vb) webform ..

I want ...

If in textbox1 the time would be appear as 08:20:20 AM

Then in textbox2 the time would be automatically generated 4 hours before as compared to textbox1 i.e ( the time in textbox2 the time would be appear as 04:20:21 AM )

Means simply logic i want ... if the time in Textbox1 is 08:00:05 PM then autogenerated time in textbox2 will be 04:00:06 PM

Means whatever the time in Textbox1 the textbox 2 will autogenerate time in 4 hours time slot.

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    Dim tb1Val As DateTime = #8:20:20 AM#
    Dim beforeVal As New TimeSpan(3, 59, 59)
    Dim tb2Val As DateTime = tb1Val.AddSeconds(-beforeVal.TotalSeconds)
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