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I have my Developer Certificate and Provisioning Certificate generated by Apple. I have registered in Standard ios Program as an individual. Now when i try to generate Distribution Certificate its an issue Step 1: i am trying to attach the same CSR that i had used for Development Certificate in the distribution tab of certificates in program portal.

Step 2: i upload the CSR

Step 3: When i click the submit button,i get the same distribution tab page as the response

I do not get any error message or any other problem,so i am not able to figure out the exact problem.

I tried this on a Chrome browser, while doing the same on Safari the browser crashes...

I issued an Apple support ticket 4 days ago, but didn't get any answer yet.

Please help

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Trying with a different CSR might help. I don't think Apple cares about the contents of the CSR apart from the public key, but there's a small chance that they check the public key hasn't been used elsewhere... – tc. Nov 21 '10 at 22:31
tried already several different CSR files, non of those worked either. is there anyway to do it also from within xCode or any other tool (organizer?), and not directly on the site? – green Nov 21 '10 at 22:58

Just tried this and Chrome has clearly problems with that form. I have used IE and it worked fine. I was getting an "invalid file" error. Try with a browser other than Chrome. If your Safari crashes, try with Firefox.

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Make sure your APP IDs are created and in order.

On the left side, click Distribution, and then, under the Prepare App tab, read: - Obtaining your iOS Distribution Certificate - Create and download your iOS Distribution Provisioning Profile for App Store Distribution

Follow those steps and you'll be set! (I believe a different CSR is needed.)

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I followed exactly these steps, but the problem occurs exactly when trying to follow the instructions under "Submitting a certificate Signing Request for Approval". Whenever I press on submit (as in item 2 in this section) - the Safari browser crashes, and\or no response in Chrome.. I have really no clue what's going on (I verified I use 2048 bits and all other instructions there...) – green Nov 21 '10 at 22:38

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