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I have a video on a page and I cannot get the play list control to appear above it. I have set the z-index of the play list to 99999 but the video is still being rendered on top of it.

Here is an image that shows the problem and the CSS. I have tried setting the z-index of the video to -1, 1 etc.


So my question is, how do I force the flash video to appear below the play list?

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You can try this:


<param NAME="wmode" VALUE="transparent">

as param in the the flash movie's Object tag, and DIVs and other layers will be able to jump on top of it.

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What Enrico and thisMayhem said.. however, instead of using "transparent", try "opaque" first. "Transparent" forces a different composition mode that makes Flash execution slower and has issues of its own (specially in Firefox). For normal div composition on top of the movie, 'opaque' is normally enough.

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You need to set "wmode" as "opaque" (not transparent) in both embed and object tags.

See more info here:

But be sure what to use it for and that you really need it. Check out this Tinic Uro post:

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