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I'm trying to use sed in a shell script in Applescript to strip this string - ?print=1 - from this html link in the variable the_html, which is <a href="http://myurl.com.html?print=1">my link</a>

but this throws an error:

set new_html to do shell script "echo " & quoted form of the_html & " | sed s=?print=1= =g'"

Do I need to escape the "="?


Works now. Applescript didn't like an = escaped with a \, but escaping the whole string works:

sed 's/?print=1//g'
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Try this:

echo '<a href="http://myurl.com.html?print=1">my link</a>' | sed 's/?print=1/ /g'


  • Put the HTML in quotes or escape it property
  • When using sed, you generally use slashes: 's/a/b/'
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This works on my Mac:

echo '<a href="http://myurl.com.html?print=1">my link</a>' | sed 's=?print\=1= =g'

So the answer is, yes, you do need to escape the = since it is used an expression delimiter.

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Thanks, but I neglected to menntion that I am using the shell script in Applescript, and Applescript didn't like the \ to escape the =. – markratledge Nov 21 '10 at 19:31

Yes. You need to escape the characters that have a special meaning. Now there are the standard regular expression special characters, and the character that you are using as a delimiter. So if you use = as the delimiter, you'll need to escape it with \.

Usually / is used as the delimiter. The exception is when you might be searching for /, which yields some pretty crazy and hard to read expressions with all the escaping. So if you're searching for /s, I'd suggest using a different character, but otherwise, stick to /.

To answer the immediate question, you might escape the =:

sed '=print\=1= =g'

or use the standard slash, without escaping the =:

sed '/print=1/ /g'

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You don't need to escape '=' if using another sed separator like '/' or ','. But if you wish to get URL parameters:

With '?' prefix:

 echo '<a href="http://myurl.com.html?print=1">my link</a>' \
    | sed -e 's,.*\(?.*\)\".*,\1,'

Without the '?' :

echo '<a href="http://myurl.com.html?print=1">my link</a>' \
    | sed -e 's,.*?\(.*\)\".*,\1,'

The best is also to split parameters:

$ echo '<a href="http://myurl.com.html?print=1&convert=4">my link</a>' \
    | sed -e 's,.*?\(.*\)\".*,\1,' -e 's,&,\n,g'

Have fun ! :)

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