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How to inject IServiceLocator to my class constructor?

When I tried to do this via my config, described above I got an Exception that it could not to create a RequestHandlersFactory class because unity could't find the constructor with serviceLocator and assemblyName.

I got two interfaces

public interface IPublicService 
    [ServiceKnownType("GetKnownTypes", typeof(KnownTypeProvider))]
    Response Handle(Request request);

public interface IRequestHandlersFactory
    IRequestHandler GetHandler(Type requestType);
    IRequestHandler GetHandler<T>() 
        where T  : Request;
    IRequestHandler<T, TK> GetHandler<T, TK>()
        where T  : Request
        where TK : Response;

and two classes:

public sealed class PublicService: IPublicService
    private readonly IRequestHandlersFactory _requestHandlersFactory;

    public PublicService(IRequestHandlersFactory requestHandlersFactory)
        _requestHandlersFactory = requestHandlersFactory;

    public Response Handle(Request request)
        var handler = _requestHandlersFactory.GetHandler(request.GetType());
        return handler.Handle(request);

public sealed class RequestHandlersFactory : IRequestHandlersFactory
    private readonly IServiceLocator _serviceLocator;

    private RequestHandlersFactory(IServiceLocator serviceLocator)
        _serviceLocator = serviceLocator;
    public RequestHandlersFactory(IServiceLocator serviceLocator, String assemblyName) : this(serviceLocator)

    public RequestHandlersFactory(IServiceLocator serviceLocator, Assembly assembly) : this(serviceLocator)


Now I want to create unity config file:

  <unity xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/practices/2010/unity">
<alias alias="IPublicService" type="MyAssembly.IPublicService, MyAssembly"/>
<alias alias="PublicService" type="MyAssembly.PublicService, MyAssembly"/>
<alias alias="IRequestHandlersFactory" type="MyAssembly.IRequestHandlersFactory, MyAssembly"/>
<alias alias="RequestHandlersFactory" type="MyAssembly.RequestHandlersFactory, MyAssembly"/>
  <register type="IPublicService" mapTo="PublicService">
    <lifetime type="singleton"/>
  <register type="IRequestHandlersFactory" mapTo="RequestHandlersFactory">
    <lifetime type="singleton"/>
      <param name="assemblyName">
        <value value="MyAssemblyWithHandlers" />
      <param name="serviceLocator" dependencyName="WcfServiceLocator" dependencyType="Microsoft.Practices.ServiceLocation.IServiceLocator, Microsoft.Practices.ServiceLocation"/>

My config code:

        var container = new UnityContainer();

        //configure container
        var unitySection = (UnityConfigurationSection)ConfigurationManager.GetSection("unity");
        var serviceLocator = new UnityServiceLocator(container );
        container.RegisterInstance<IServiceLocator>("WcfServiceLocator", serviceLocator, new ContainerControlledLifetimeManager());
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Try swapping the order of the constructor parameters in the config file so they line up with the actual parameter list in the class.

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